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Official course communications will primarily be sent via email and mirrored on the front page of the course website.

There are several ways you can get in contact with course facilitators:

  1. Make a post on Ed. (best for conceptual/debugging/content help)
  2. Send a message to #decal-general (or as a private message to a facilitator) either on Slack or Discord. (best for realtime communications)
  3. Email (best for prospective students and matters that need to go on official record)

See the about page for more information.

Head Facilitators

Aditya Mangalampalli

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Ben Torres

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Trinity Chung

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Aaron Zheng

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Benjamin Plate

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Joey Li

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Kashun Cheng

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guys you can always change the bio later” -laksith

Luke Peters

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Nikhil Ograin

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Nikhil Jha


Owen Thompson

anybody else installing gentoo at 2 am or is that just me

Jonathan Zhang

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Zoey Sun

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