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Official course communications will primarily be sent via email and mirrored on the front page of the course website.

There are several ways you can get in contact with course facilitators:

  1. Send a message on the course Piazza. (best for conceptual/debugging/content help)
  2. Send a message to #decal-general (or as a private message to a facilitator) either on Slack or Discord. (best for realtime communications)
  3. Send an email to (best for prospective students and matters that need to go on official record)

See the about page for more information.

Head Facilitators

Ben Cuan

Super Awesome Content

Kevin Mo

join the kmoverse, or else the kmoverse joins you


Bill Mao

I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully

Ben Plate

Existing in the shell

Ja Wattanawong

Robert’); DROP TABLE Students;–


Waiting for Silksong

Will Minnis

Out here living our best lives <3

Bryce Casaje

time waster extraordinaire

Long (Tony) Lian

Tony is me. I am Tony.

Mark Zhang

Perpetually procrastinating