CS 98/198-8: Hands-On UNIX System Administration



The Spring 2012 Sysadmin DeCal meets on Mondays from 6-8PM in 275 Soda and is facilitated by Jordan Salter, Dara Adib, and Felix Wong. Office hours are held by appointment (don't be shy!).

We'll cover the setup and administration of a production-quality UNIX server, suitable for web/mail hosting, shared shell hosting à la the EECS Instructional servers, and the like. Topics include general UNIX proficiency (which is also useful in CS courses), the Internet infrastructure, and system administration essentials. For more details and grading policy, please see the course syllabus.

Schedule, slides, and labs

  1. (1/23) Course overview; introduction to UNIX and the shell (slides, lab, survey)
  2. (1/30) The file system (slides, lab)
  3. (2/6) Multi-user environments (slides, lab)
  4. (2/13) Compiling software; package management (compiling software slides, package management notes, lab)
  5. (2/20) Academic holiday
  6. (2/27) Shell scripting (slides, lab)
  7. (3/5) Tricks of the trade (slides, lab, mbox file, project group signup)
  8. (3/12) Server services (slides, lab)
  9. (3/19) Server services, cont'd (mail slides, more slides, lab)
  10. (3/26) Spring break
  11. (4/2) When disaster strikes (slides, lab)
  12. (4/9) Special topics
  13. (4/16) Wrap up final projects
  14. (4/23) Final project presentations!


Contacting the staff

If you need help, ask on Piazza or send us an email!


General email:

Instructor's emails:

Connecting from home

GNU/Linux and Mac OS X users should already have SSH installed. Windows users should use PuTTY. There are a few servers you can connect to:

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