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  • 4/27/2006 12:46am If you are having problems installing suExec, then do not worry about it. Apache, php and cgi scripts run simply as a user. This is not the most secure way though!
  • 4/24/2006 2:25am Dealines for Final Project:
    1st Part - setting up accounts - May 1st at 5pm.
    2nd Part - checking the security - May 8th at 5pm.
    Good luck!
  • 2/15/2006 2:31pm No class on Monday due to "Holiday". Will pick things up again on Mon, 2/27.
  • 2/12/2006 11:27pm When you try and change your shell on your OCF account enter the path /opt/really-local/bin/zsh . On your inst account a simple /usr/bin/zsh would work.
  • 12/21/2005 This website is being prepared for the spring 2006 semester. Fall 2005 Website.
  • Intermediate/Advanced Lecture Schedule
    Week Topic Notes Labs HWs Extra
    1 Introduction, History of UNIX Int/Adv None Get an OCF Account None
    2 Old and New Commands, Text Editors, Process Control Int/Adv Int/Adv Finish Lab Cygwin SSH
    3 Networking: DNS, NAT, DHCP, OSI Model Int/Adv Int/Adv
    4 *NIX Kernel: Drivers, Libraries, etc Int/Adv Int/Adv
    5 Apache Int/Adv Int/Adv
    6 Working with Logs, Shell Scripting Int/Adv Int/Adv
    7 How Mail Works: Sendmail/Postfix, Procmail Int/Adv Int/Adv Sendmail X Postfix
    8 Web Tools Inv/Adv Inv/Adv
    9 mySQL/PHP Int/Adv Int/Adv
    10 Security Int/Adv Tracking Botnets Paper
    11 Final Project Final Project Instructions on SuExec


    Time: Inter/Adv: M 5-630 Begin: W 5-630
    Location: 275 Soda
    M 5-630 W 5-630
    CS 98 27346 26200
    CS 198 27343 27399

  • Attendance is mandatory, with two excused absences
  • Weekly homework assignements will be given out, graded on a p/np basis
  • There will be a project involving the setting up of a webserver during the course of the semester. Failure to complete the project will result in a grade of np

  • Contacts

    Email: sysadmin-decal(at)OCF.Berkeley.EDU
    Office Hours:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions modified from past semesters