Unix System Administration DeCal

Welcome to the website for the Unix System Administration DeCal for Spring 2009! We offer three sections of this course, aimed at students of different ability levels. For more information, visit the web pages for the individual sections below.


We apologize for the delay. We are still getting our course processed via scheduling. We do not yet have CCNs or room assignments. We will update this page with further information.

Freshmen and sophomores should enroll in the CS 98 (lower division) section corresponding to their class; students with junior or senior standing should enroll in the CS 198 (upper division) section corresponding to their class.


Course web page
Facilitators: Calvin Ardi and Jonathan Chu
CS 98/198 section 15, CCNs 26430 (lower division) and 26613 (upper division)
M 5:00-7:00, 310 Soda
2 units

Intended for students with little or no prior Unix experience. You will learn how to use and administer Unix operating systems (Linux, *BSD, Solaris), and how to set up a basic web server.


Course web page
Facilitator: George Wu
CS 98/198 section 16, CCNs 26222 (lower division) and 26220 (upper division)
W 5-6:30, 320 Soda
2 units

Intended for students with some experience using Unix OR the willingness to learn quickly; no prior Unix experience is assumed but we will get you up to speed fast! A broad range of topics will be covered to bestow upon you a broad understanding of how Linux in particular works on several levels, and also the intuition with which you can delve further and learn more by yourself.


Course web page
Facilitator: Steven Luo
CS 98/198 section 17, CCNs 26225 (lower division) and 26223 (upper division)
TuTh 5:00-6:00, 320 Soda
2 units

Class cancelled for lack of interest

Intended for students comfortable with the Unix shell; prior system administration experience is helpful, though not required. Learn about the structure, operation, and maintenance of Unix operating systems. Emphasis on understanding how it works, not just how to do it. Topics include the Unix kernel, performance tuning, networking, and system security; we may cover other topics, depending on time and class interest.

If you have any questions, you may contact the DeCal staff at sysadmin-decal@ocf.berkeley.edu, email the facilitators individually, or stop by the OCF lab in the basement of Eshleman Hall.

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