System Administration for the Web

Computer Science 98/198, 2 units
Location: 3 Le Conte
Times: Monday 5-6p
Class Size: Reached the max. capacity, no more adds.
Course control numbers: 26451/26670 lower/upper div

Contact Information

Sponsoring Professor: Mike Clancy
Course Facilitators: Randy Chung and Eleen Chiang
Contact e-mail:
Office Hours:


Please send us an email with your individual contributions to your group over the semester by Thursday night. It could just be one or two sentences, no biggie. Thanks for a fun semester, good luck on your finals!

I am still in the process of organizing groups. I have aggregated the data that has been submitted to us. Please check to see if I may have missed your group. If you notice that your group is there, but you are missing information, it may be because you did not follow the format defined in the project spec part 1 that Randy put up. If your group has a MIA? tag, please verify if the members denoted as MIA are really MIA. If your name is noted there, that means I was not able to deduce from a confirmation email or your project submission that you are contributing to the project. As of 11:30am groups 14 & 17 have not submitted a project proposal.
Please verify your information here: Groups' Status

ATTENTION: You, yes, Y O U, need to meet with your group members and start designing your semester project. We've been getting a lot of complaints about group members not responding to emails, and thus, causing the whole group to not progress on the development of the project. Your actions do affect others. Randy and I are thinking about instantiating group evaluations in order to keep you all accountable, but we have not yet decided if it is necessary. I understand that this is just a decal and that it is supposed to be fun, but it is not fun when your group member is honestly trying to learn and get moving on the project but can't because you are MIA. Since most of you are taking this course for 2 units, that means you should be devoting at least 2 hours at home per week for this course. Actually, because we only have lecture for an hour per week, you should be spending at least 3 hours per week for this course at home. It does not take 3 hours to respond to an email with your project ideas and availability times. Please start being responsible. We will not pass anyone who does not participate in a group. You have until this Saturday night to respond to your group. If you are still missing in action by that time, then you will be reassigned to group 0 and will not pass the course. The rest of your group will be reassigned to another group by Sunday.

Project specs for the first phase are now up here

Assignment 5 is here, it'll be due on Wednesday at 5pm like usual. As always, if you have problems, feel free to e-mail the sysadmin-decal alias for help. Randy and I will both be holding office hours on Tuesday as well. I didn't emphasize that much on php because we might be covering that more in detail after you get into your groups.

As for the semester project please meet with your group somehow (online, in person, whatever) and appoint a group leader. Have that person email the sysadmin-decal alias which server they're going to use to develop their webserver (e.g. who's computer, under which environment). Oh, and don't forget to mention which group number you're from.

Check which group you are in here: View Groups

Even better, the students who have submitted their surveys (a live list, as soon as you submit you should show up) can be found here

The students who have submitted their surveys as of 2:00am 10/05/04 can be found here. If you're not on this list, please remember to submit your survey by Wednesday!

The students who are officially enrolled in the course can now be seen here. Please note that this list is of the students we had enrolled before the announcement about enrollment went up. If you have contacted either of us about enrollment and have not heard back from us yet, please try again! If your name is not on the list and it should be, please let us know. Also, please note that it is VERY important that you sign up for a group because if you don't, we'll either drop you or fail you (this is one of the very few things I'm inflexible about). If you know someone who hasn't been showing up lately and doesn't check the webpages, PLEASE LET THEM KNOW.

The webform for the class survey is now up at Please fill it out and submit it by Wednesday (this is also your homework assignment for this week; see the Homworks section).

That previous note was only meant for people who are not yet enrolled in the class, but would still like to add the class. I have gotten a couple notes from people telling me that they can no longer take the class, so I think we can actually accomodate all the extra people that wanted to add. Just come on by the OCF lab around 2pm today to get your add form signed by me. Thanks.

I will e-mail out about enrolling into the class by 5pm today. There are 100 students enrolled of a class size limit of 107, so there are only 7 slots open for more people to add the class. If you do not receive an e-mail from me regarding your enrollment into the class, then please e-mail me right away. I will be signing add forms tomorrow (Friday, 10.01.04). (btw, e-mail the sysadmin alias, not me directly).

The website's been slightly revamped and organized a bit. Office hours are now posted (see Contact Information) and homework assignments now have their own section. Project announcement and group formation information will be posted within the next few days, and there will be an announcement during the course meeting on Monday regarding it. Foreplay is over, it's time to get down with the webserver!

Homework 1 solutions are now available here

Homework 2 is now available at hw2

A correction to Homework 1 was made. Thanks to Bill Ung for pointing it out.

Homework 1 is now available! Get it at hw1

We have a new classroom!
Thanks to all of you for waitlisting yourselves! We now have a new classroom, 3 Le Conte, which (I'm told) can hold 100 students (we're just shy of that right now). Tell your friends! Don't leave them stranded in a very empty and lonely room. Hopefully this means the classroom won't be so hot anymore.

Homework Assignments

These homework assignments shouldn't take you more than an hour or two to do. If you're spending more time than this, please note it in your homework assignment submission. The goal of this course is to be instructive and educational, not take an excessive amount of your time. If you feel the homework assignments are unnecessarily tedious, please let us know. We are trying to improve the course, and in no way will your opinion be held against you.
Homework 1 Due (some time ago)Homework 1 Solutions
Homework 2 Due 09/27 by 5pmHomework 2 Solutions
Homework 3 Due 10/6 by 5pm
Homework 4 Due 10/13 by 5pm
Homework 5 Due 10/20 by 5pm

Description: The course will cover all the steps necessary to take a functioning computer and turn it into a webserver. Topics include setting up the apache webserver, PHP and other server-side scripting, basic network security, and basic system administration. No prior CS experience is necessary, but it will be useful.

Enrollment Info: The course is listed as COMPSCI 98 for under classmen, and COMPSCI 198 for upperclassmen.

Think this webpage is sparse? It's because it is. In the meantime, please see the old course website at for an idea of what will be covered. This page will be updated as more information comes in (and time permits an aesthetic overhaul).