If you took the spring 2002 decal on "systems administration for the web"
for units, you may have noticed that the grades were never recorded.  
After wrangling with the CS department and Sproul for a few
weeks, it turns out that in order to rectify your transcripts I will need
your name and student ID number, and you will be assigned a "P," passing
grade for that 2 unit pass/not-pass course.

Also, if you know anyone that may not know this but took the
course, please pass the word, and have them contact me!

Devin Jones
System Administration for the Web
Why   The technical side of setting up and running a webserver.
Where  Pepperwood, MLK 4th Floor
    On the far left (east) after you exit the elevators.
    (see King Student Union on map)
When   1100-1200 Wednesdays
Who   Taught by: Devin Jones
 With support from:  Wayne Chan and Steven Callahan
 and a cast of 1000s
CCNs   class enrollment closed
Units   2
BBS  Class Discussion Forum
Date: Topics: 
2002, Feb 27th Intro & History of Unix
March 6th After the Installation - Configuring Linux
March 12th Home/Small Office LANs with nat and dhcp.
March 20th Apache and other daemons, installation, the filesystem
March 27th Spring Break
April 3rd Logfiles, log rotation, crontabs, shell scripts and text utilities
April 10th Process Control
April 17th Site Security, CGI-script basics
April 24th Linux on the Desktop - Common Apps
May 1st An Overview of Security Problems (final class, good luck on finals!)
Need more topics? Shell Scripting, PHP, database interaction...

(04/25/02)    The last class will be on May Day. There was a small revolution in class and we decided to talk about Linux usability and hacking for the last two lectures, rather than PHP, SSL and databases. Hope everyone enjoyed the class! I was really thrilled that so many people that didn't enroll kept showing up. As always, suggestions on how I could do it better are more than welcome.


(04/09/02)    Don't forget to do your homework from before spring break. It is possible to install and run apache on ocf machines, although it is against the rules to do so without permission. If you don't have a server somewhere that you can install apache on, then get permission from staff@ocf to do a temporary installation in your homedirectory for this class. It's not hard, and it's very useful to go through such an installation. If you have problems or questions, check the class discussion forum mentioned below!


(03/05/02)    I've set up a Discussion Forum for the class. Use it to ask for help, talk about course material, post materials of interest, or anything you think would be interesting to your classmates or instructors. Enjoy!


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